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Tariff Classification for Importers and Exporters$595.00

All course costs are US dollars. 
The Harmonized Tariff Code (HTS) is the numeric coding system for the import and export of all commodities and a required data element for 10+2 ISF filing. Join in for an excellent overview of the General Rules of Interpretation, and the outline and structure of the HTS book. Learn how to apply the rules for choosing an import or export code, and their impact on rates of duty and trade agreements. This is an excellent course for those new to classification, as well as for individuals who have some experience but require a greater in-depth understanding of how to apply the rules.  
Highlights of this course will include:  
  • General Rules of Interpretation 
  • Steps to properly classify your product 
  • Specific types of rates of duty including Ad Valorem and Compound rates 
  • Differences between Column 1 and Column 2 types of duty 
  • HTS information required under the 10+2 requirements 
  • Reasonable Care guidelines for classifying your product 
  • Overview of Binding Rulings and how to apply for them 
  • Fines and penalties for non-compliance 
  • Working with suppliers and other global partners to establish the proper classification code for any product.
  • Changes to the 2012 code will be discussed.
Who Should Attend: All levels of personnel involved in the import or export of merchandise, Import Managers, Export Managers, Supply Chain Managers and Compliance Managers, engineers or technical personnel involved in classifying or providing information for classification.
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